Central Station

These photographs were taken for a New York Times story about the Ford Motor Company plan to transform the former train station into a transportation and innovation district, and how it could be central to Detroit's resurgence.

Went on a guided tour with the assistant project manager around the station and to another adjacent building( former book depository connected to the train station via tunnel) that Ford also bought. Wanted to get some frames of the crews working, but alas, the tour was scheduled during the crews lunch break( for safety?).

January, 2020.

Former railworkers office on the 10th floor of Michigan Central Station.

Inside the book depository main lobby.

Former cafeteria of the book depository.

Mara Valle, assistant project manager at the Michigan Central Station, talking about the efforts to preserve and restore the station's main lobby.


Inside the book depository basement.

Inside the book depository.

Book depository and Michigan Central Station.

The book depository, a building connected by tunnel to the Michigan Central Station, is also getting ready to be renovated .

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