Writer, Drew Philip, trying to get a ride under the unforgiving sun in Vandalia, OH. After about 9 hours on the side of the road and under non-stop sunshine, we where not able to get a ride.

"Alexandre and I initially set out to hitchhike the midwest and Appalachia to see if the American idea of manhood was changing.

In the US, a man’s value has long been based almost solely on one thing: his ability to put food on the table via his paycheck. With blue-collar work vanishing, underemployment rampant and the gig economy ascendant, the nature of traditional work is changing.

It follows that this is also altering the American idea of masculinity.

Precisely because people are often so forthcoming with hitchhikers, we thought it would be a good method to discuss the softer, more vulnerable side of American manhood – a topic often hidden behind innuendo, bravado and posturing.

Over dozens of interviews, we found people struggling heroically under the relentless grind of American capitalism".

 ― Drew Philip.

Full article: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/19/in-search-of-the-american-man-hitchhiking-masculinity.

Isaac Smith from Troy, Oh. Issac, a former Amish, gave us a short ride while on his way to work at his roofing company.

Drew Philip getting up to date with the rest of the world. America's Best Value Inn, Florence, KY.

Ken's Rexall Pharmacy. Vandalia, OH.

Chrystal, a nurse, picked us up after visiting her son's grave in Ohio.

Drew Philip trying to keep the journey going. Dayton, OH.

Lower level of the Motel 8 in Vandalia, OH.

Drew Philip sorts the room situation at the America's Best Value Inn after a long and frustrating day on the side of the road. Florence, KY.

Richwood, KY. The first and only place where someone called the police on us.

Drew Philip goes for a littlewalk. Richwood, KY.

Tyler Davidson fountain a.k.a. The Genius of Water. Downtown Cincinnati, OH.

"When I payed my Mama's bills." Terrence Thomas from Cincinnati, told us about the first time he felt like a man.

Barricated and empty commercial lot. Richwood, KY.