Portraits for a New York Times story about what doctors of color have to deal with in the medical field. Boston, 2020.

Violinist Natalie Frakes. Belle Isle, Detroit, 2017

Tropical Nasty reunion show at Khyber Pass Pub. Philadelphia, 2021.

Stacy Hill teaches African American history at Northeast High School. Her class focused on the question, “When did Black lives become less valuable than white lives here in America?” Philadelphia, Feb. 15, 2022.

Behind the scenes of Bryce Detroit's interview with Tunde Wey for Hard to Swallow, a docuseries about the social and political implications of food consumption and production across the United States. Detroit,November 27, 2020.

Photo essay for a story about Detroit's contrast between new investment and poverty for Libération( France). Detroit, 2018. 

Time to roll. Writer Drew Philip walks towards the first ride out of Michigan. Michigan/Ohio border, 2017.

Dead battery. On tour with Twen thought the Midwest. Davenport, Iowa,2018.

Ford bought and is in the process of renovating the Michigan Central Station and an adjacent building, a former book depository, to transform the long abandoned buildings into an innovation center by 2023. Detroit, 2020.